Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Sewage Pipe Leak Leads to Mold

This beautiful older home in Newton Center experienced a sewage pipe leak in their partially finished basement.  The water seeped into tiny crevices of the basement including  the utility sink.  SERVPRO of Newton / Wellesley brought in several dehumidifiers to remove the water and  humidity and shortly thereafter they remediated the mold damage.  Shown in this picture is the mold residue left on the sink before SERVPRO used their specialized equipment to remove the mold from basement.    

Mold Found in Unfinished Basement

Where there's water and moisture, there is most likely mold. This homeowner suspected they had mold in their unfinished basement because of the humidity and dampness.  Sure enough when we saw signs of mold we also discovered there was mold in the attic because dark damp places are the perfect breeding ground for micro-bacterial growth.  

Ice Dam Causes Leak Leads to Mold

  On a hot summer day this customer noticed visible mold on their ceiling.  It turns out they had an ice dam that previous winter that went unnoticed.  However water was trapped in the roof, creating the perfect breading ground for mold. SERVPRO of Newton / Wellesley removed part of the ceiling and with our expertise we were able to remediate the mold infestation.

Basements: A Commonplace for Mold

 This customer noticed mold on her finished basement walls as it is so common to discover mold in damp dank settings like basements.  Once we opened up the walls as shown in pictures, it was a bigger job than owner initially realized.  The mold even spread to underneath the stairs and SERVPRO of Newton / Wellesley remediated the situation right away!

Mold Found in Basement

This cucustomer located mold located in their basement and if you look closely in this picture, you can see the mold on the refrigerator.  Since mold can produce allergens and irritants, you should call SERVPRO of Newton / Wellelsy to inspect your home if you suspect you have a mold problem, before it grows out of control.  

Proper Ventilation in Bathroom

 This customer noticed visible mold in her bathroom and called SERVPRO of Newton / Wellesley right away.  It is important to make sure bathrooms are properly ventilated particularly of those with baths and or showers because moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. After a bath or shower make sure you run the fan for at least 20 minutes to adequately clear the humidity.  

Mold Remediation in Needham, MA

A neglected water issue turns into a large mold remediation project.  This portion of the building had gone unoccupied and the new property managers discovered they needed the SERVPRO professionals to contain and safely remove the mold.  SERVPRO of Newton / Wellesley have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation!